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Robotics for everyone

I'm an engineer with a YouTube channel. My goal is to develop affordable and capable robots for general public. Now we are mainly concentrated on robot arms, but soon we will do more! 

Recent Projects

Super cheap 3D printed Robot Arm

Robotic Arm

Using mostly 3D printed super cheap actuators (around 32 $ per actuator), I have build a robot arm based on stepper motors. This robotic arm uses widely available parts. 

3D printed Robot servo for only $32 (stepper, cross roller bearing)

Cheap Robot Joint

This is my latest stepper version of my compound planetary gearbox. It has high reduction ratio and two cross rollers bearings. I plan to design a complete robot arm with such actuators.

Industrial robot arm controlled with Gaming joystick!

Controller for industrial Robot Arms

I have made a Robot Arm controller for my IGUS robot arm. It uses TMC5160, Teensy, Raspberry Pi and PS4 joystick.


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