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Robotics for everyone

I'm an engineer with a YouTube channel. My goal is to develop affordable and capable robots for general public. Now we are mainly concentrated on robot arms, but soon we will do more! 

Recent Projects


Completely working Robot Arm

I've managed to build it! Finally. There are some room for improvements, but overall I am happy with this design. From here we can: 1. Improve this arm, keeping the price relatively high (around 3k-5k USD). 2. Decrease the price (to around 1.5k - 3k USD). I plan to do both.

Unusual Robot Joint

This robot joint is inspired by the LIMS2 (ambidex) robot arm. It works extremely well and it is highly backdrevable. The main disadvantage: complicated design and very difficult to assemble.

Photo 18-3-20, 21 50 41.jpg

Mechanical Design of the Best Robot Arms

In this video I discuss three best Robot Arms of our time: LIMS2 (ambidex), Blue, and Halodi robot arm. Two of them are cable driven. And two of them use quasi direct drive technology.